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Y’all come back, y’hear?

Every once in a while a fisherman finds himself invited along on an adventure of grand proportion with a bunch of complete strangers. Such was the situation a while back when I got a call from Brandon. When I heard Chris, Mike and Jen were all going to be there, I was excited for the chance to make new fly flinging friends and to show off my home waters a bit.

Everyone with their own favorite little water that they like to occasionally show to people knows that the guests always seem to arrive during crappy conditions. The fishing was So bad in fact that the ubiquitous 'shoulda been here yesterday' curse wasn't in effect this time; the fishing had been pretty terrible for a week or so already prior to the group flying in from their various places around the country. Brandon and I kept in touch and from time to time I would send him another depressing fishing report - I am pretty sure he dreaded my name on his caller ID after a while.

Long story short? We by-golly Did find fish for everyone, after some work. And frustration. And running from a squall. And more frustration.

Don't believe me? Well, the proof is in the pictures, and I didn't take a single one*... but I know a few people that did!

Hello, Texas - Eat More Brook Trout

The Cabin – Eat More Brook Trout

Beat the Drum – Eat More Brook Trout

Sandblasted ... - Eat More Brook Trout

We Have Your Redfish – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

Redfish Palace – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

Laguna Sunrise – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

Bohemia, TX – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

On Being Ready – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

Fishing with the Devil - Mike’s Gone Fishin’

On the board – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

Laguna Sunset – Mike’s Gone Fishin’

Texas Transition - Mike's Gone Fishin'

 Thank you guys for the Great times!

6 thoughts on “Y’all come back, y’hear?

  1. MIke

    While the fishing might have been poor, the company was fantastic. And that, after all, makes for a great trip. It was great fishing with you, my friend, and you can be quite sure that I'd be delighted come back. Y'hear?

    1. Salt396

      Hey it was great to have time to sit around with dedicated fly anglers, and even if I did have to work harder than expected to find fish for y'all, well, it made the victories all the sweeter.

  2. Chris

    It won't be tough to get me back down there... No apologies necessary... The company was worth the trip, and the fishing, while a little slow, wasn't awful. Let's do it again...

    1. Salt396

      I am already looking forward to your next appearance! Now that you mastered the kayak thing, how about some blue water fishing?!


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