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Fishers in the Wry

The last minute scramble; the boat dock rendezvous with your buddies.

Boat in question belongs to a not-so-favorite family member, but it’s better than no boat.

The pit-of-stomach sinking when the engine doesn’t start; buy a new battery, she starts!

Now the tilt doesn’t work. Great.

We’ll work around that. Just get her off the lift into the water, and we’ll get going.

Motor isn’t peeing. In the bustle to load up, no one notices… ‘til it overheats and squeals its alarm of displeasure.

Flush motor with hose – does the trick. Peeing now. Well, a wobbly start but we are going to make this work boys. Clock is ticking so we gotta get going.

Drop boat off the lift, engine running (a bit rough), and try to back her out. Throttle slides back to engage reverse power…

Nothing happens.

Boat won’t kick into gear. Phone calls made, consultations given – consensus:

We’re gonna need a ride. And whoever was supposed to maintain that boat was an idiot.

Well. Not telling us anything we didn’t figure out.


Catching our ride.


Racing against the setting sun.


Despite a rough start, it was a great weekend.

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