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The Legacy


I have always had a special place in my heart for Memorial Day. I feel it is our due to remember those who have served and protected. Like many, I also choose to use Memorial Day as a special time to remember people who have passed on in my own life.

My father’s father served in Korea. He was a quiet man, and an outdoorsman.  He left a legacy of responsibility for our resources, of appreciation for little things like a warm fire on a cold night and spending time with family. Seeing how passionate I was about fishing, he made sure that every time we visited that there was a fishing trip planned. He gave me my first fly rod and my first lessons, then set me loose on the world. He gave me my first shotgun, a 20 guage double barrel, and was there when I took down my first quail with a shell he had reloaded. He was along on the trip when I killed my first buck, and he gave me my first lessons in turkey calling. An Evinrude outboard motor he gave me sat in storage for many years, biding its time. On its maiden voyage, I caught my first cobia. Thanks Pappow.


I will always remember.


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