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I recently took a jaunt up the I-35 corridor with intent of visiting some family and friends. I let it be known that I was going to be passing near several of my friends and hoping to wet a line with some of them. My call was answered; fish were nearly assured.


First stop was a spot near Gruene, where I slowed down and spent some time with Courtney and Eric of Not So Creepy Critters. I had met them and their parents in Corpus, and let me tell you, they're a first-class family. The kids have done a tremendous job of building up a business of educating local schools and other public groups about so-called creepy critters - spiders, snakes, lizards and the like. Along the way I think they end up teaching a little something about tolerance too, which can only be for the good. Check them out, invite them to put on a presentation for your group!


After checking in with them, I headed out to an arm of Lake Austin, via canoe -







And then I toodled on up the highway to the DFW area, where I got invited out to try some of the spring crappie action fishing along the dam of Lake Dallas from a bass boat.

The first fish of the day.
My second fish. At this point, the other guy is waaaay ahead.

The fishing started to slow down and the water skiers moved in close and began to be obnoxious; we were about ready to wrap it up when Mike bumped a curlytailed grub right off a rock into this bucketmouth's face. A solid fish anywhere; nice catch Mike!