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Register Help. Remember Me? Bob Homewood Escort Sports Sedan Steve you asked me to add some photos of my sports sedan ,a couple of chassis photos will add more later.

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Reply With Quote. About time too. Will really look forward to this Bob. Period racing shots would be great too, if you have any Pukekohe with its clothes on.

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So when did you start building the car Bob? Did you start it from scratch as a space-frame car, or was it something that evolved from a monocoque car to eventually become a space-frame car, such as, for example, Graeme Addis' Charger? Ahh, I didn't know the Rutherford Escort was used as the basis for the body.

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Was this the brown MkII Mark raced? It was a bloody ambitious car, to have been created from scratch as a space-frame car. Even though US space-frame cars first appeared in NZ in late and the merits for building cars this way was obvious, even by the early '80s the popular method was still for taking a road car and modifying it for racing. So it was a really ambitious project. Originally Posted by bob homewood.

Very little was retained of the original shell What retained was modified and lightened,many hours were spent with a belt sander on the exterior of the panels ,completed weight was kgs without driver.

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Stunning Bob. Amazing it was so light too. Its really a beautiful piece of work. Why did you buy the Rutherford Escort rather than a stripped out bodyshell when you only needed a portion of body section?

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Would that have made it a bigger job for you? Steve it was the screwing round with the rules that have plagued my whole racing career ,round that time firstly I was going to buy the ex Barry Vuyk Stilleto and put my engine and Hewland transaxle in it ,but that run a foul of the rules with Homewood escort classified I wanted to do ,then I brought the ex GM dealer Chevette that Cook built ,inteding to put my components in that ,but once again there was dramas with what I wanted to do ,which was to run one hewland in the rear as a diff unit only with irs and modify the front one so you could change the ratios in it as some of the Aussie cars did which was my interpretation of the rules ,but that was a no go ,so then I got fed up with the whole drama and just brought the Escort so I could at least run.

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The North Island Sports Sedan Association was then formed with what I thought was clear rules ,so I built the Escort using some of the bits that suited our purpose and the rest is history As a matter of interest Bryan Bate later brought the Stiletto from Barry and got me to put a 13b Mazda engine in it for him ,believe me thare are a lot of untold stories out there. Yep, that sounds about right Bob. How many cars were still-born because of chopping and changing of rules?

The crank,rods and pistons were all NZ made in the engine at this time. Bob that's an outstanding race car!


Full credit to you - that is one piece of art. Alloy Panel Work before painting The Alloy panel work shortly before painting,as you can see very little was retained of the old body shell,the doors were fibre glass and I had used them to the Yellow Twin cam Mk 2 before.

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They were reputed to be off the Leo Leonard Ashley Rally sprint Mk2 Escort,interesting fact ,we had to import the material for the screen back then specially Waiting for that was one of the hold ups we had when building the car.

I hadn't realised the panel work was all alloy, I assumed it was fibreglass. That is amazing to see the fabrication work on the body in bare metal, its really beautiful work, and almost too nice to cover with paint.

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The curves on the rear quarters are particularly beautiful. There must be hundreds of hours work in the body alone!

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Baypark Thanks for that Photo Nigel,I actually have very few of that car,it would have been great to have seen that photo back then as it would have confirmed how well we had the wing and underfloor working ,it was all well before data logging etc ,but over the years I used a crude system of measuring what the suspension etc was doing ,simple but effective ,it did at least supply some answers.

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