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Photo NSa courtesy of U. Geological Survey. The plane bears traces of the yellow Operation Torch marking around its national inia. Official U. Electronics on mast have been censored. Flight deck poster made by an AMM, B. Thomas, of the crew.

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Artwork details the dangers of propellers. Photograph: 7 April Artwork details about crossing the flight deck during launchings.

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Artwork details about crossing the flight deck during landings. Artwork details about sitting on flight deck during flight operations.

This propaganda leaflet was saved from a batch that was being air dropped by VT's Avenger s on 22 October The leaflets were dropped on the Japanese installations located on the Visayas Islands, Philippines, in advance of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Prepared by the Army Psychological Warfare Branch. Leaflet 3-J The Japanese text re in part: "Before you reach this miserable state, which is more than men ought to endure so far from home, we want you to keep something in mind.

Those who choose to come to an honorable understanding with us will find that we treat them as human beings, not as enemies. We shall hold it as a duty to see that are given clothing, food, shelter, and medical care. Tomsic, Serial 10 62to remember the horrible battle. Photo and text from U. The Suwanee escort classified apparently was caused by the explosion of a bomb in the bomb bay.

Slingerland, was killed instantly. Other 14 officers and men were also injured. Air Raids in the Pacific, 1 July Explosion in the background resulted from a carrier-plane strike on Balikpapan, Borneo. Carrier plane strike on Balikpapan, Borneo.

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Carrier plane strike causes huge oil tank fires at Balikpapan, Borneo. Looney, a Catholic Chaplain, listens to confessions of a crew member. Photograph released 4 August Striking fiercely at her targets in the face of frequent and sustained hostile air attacks, the U. SUWANNEE and her attached aircraft squadrons caused extremely heavy losses to the enemy in warships, aircraft, merchant shipping and shore installations destroyed or severely damaged. Twice hit and severely damaged by Japanese suicide planes during the his- toric Battle for Leyte Gulf, the SUWANNEE had fought her guns and her planes aggressively against tremendous odds and had con- tributed to the destruction of the enemy's combatant vessels and to his complete rout.

Continuously at sea from March 27 to June 19, Suwanee escort classified, she furnished powerful air support for our Okinawa as- sault and land offensives and covered our ships during their advance and retirement. Sangamon Class Escort Carrier.


Built as the civilian tanker Markaythis ship was acquired by the Navy on 26 Juneased hull AO and renamed Suwannee for a river in Ware County, southeastern Georgia, that flows southwest across Florida to empty into the Gulf of Mexico at Suwannee Sound. Two ships had been named Suwaneean alternate spelling: A double-ended, iron-hulled, side-wheel gunboat.

A freighter-transport that retained her civilian name. SS Markay. Keystone Tankship Corp.

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Betty wrote: "My father, Commander Vernon Dietz served on [this ship]. He was employed by Keystone Tankship Corp. SS Markay photographed on 26 Junethe day she was acquired by the Navy. Probably photographed at Baltimore, Maryland.

In this view Suwannee 's two elevators are lowered to her hangar deck. Note the 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikon gun "tubs" sited around the flight deck.

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Circled areas indicated additions or modifications at the shipyard between 11 Sep to 12 Oct Navy photo, Mare Island Navy Yard Kamikaze attacks, 25—26 October Damage in action of 25 October Flight Deck as viewed from Bridge taken at time of explosion in hangar. Seattle Branch of the National Archives photo. Hole in Flight Deck Frame 64 stbd. The shambles that remained of Suwannee 's forward flight deck included the forward elevator platform collapsed in its well and several holes punched in the deck.

The flight decks of US carriers of this era are often described as being made of wood, but as can be seen here, the wooden planks were applied over a steel deck to provide traction for men and aircraft. Photo taken after shredded plating was cut away.

Suwanee escort classified

Note extent of dished area. Motor from Jap Zeke found in vicinity of hit at Frame 64 stbd. Had Katsumata's Zeke maintained its dive as shown in photo [ NS ], it would certainly have missed aft of Suwanneeso he corrected its aim point by reducing the dive angle.


This is caught in this image taken aft on the carrier's flight deck, showing the underside of the fighter with the trails of tracer rounds passing underneath. Even more rare is the fact that it is known that this particular aircraft had ly been flown by the Japanese ace WO Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, but had been turned over to Katsumata because Nishizawa was scheduled to fly to Manila to pick up new aircraft. Moments later, the Japanese fighter turned away, apparently damaged, and headed towards Sangamoneventually splashing harmlessly between the two ships. The two planes erupt upon contact as do nine other planes on her flight deck.

Smoke on Suwannee 's forward flight deck.

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An Avenger is flying over the damaged ship. Fires would burn for several hours, but were finally brought under control. Note survivors in water. Hit by two enemy kamikazes in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, 25—26 OctoberSuwannee steamed back to a West Coast shipyard under her own power.

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Damage in action of 26 October Forward elevator as seen from Hangar Deck looking fwd. View of Island Structure looking outboard. Note damage to Flying Bridge. Puget Sound Navy Yard, 27 November Shrapnel holes in stbd. Hangar side plating, between Frames Note: Roller curtains were blown out.

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Tomsic 10 62 subject to the provision of existing air priority directives and War Department Circulars pertaining thereto. ed E. Puget Sound Navy Yard, 26 January She appears to have a fighter-director radar on her mast; at this time many escort carriers were fitted as fighter-director ships to support amphibious operations, and one escort carrier commander maintained that his ships were actually facing more combat hazards than were the larger fleet carriers, since the former were tied to the beachhead and could not enjoy the advantage of tactical surprise.

USN photo. Puget Sound, Washington, 31 January Halcin, on anti-submarine patrol during the 1st day of Okinawa operations, 1 April Coxswain R. Photograph released 19 April Photograph released 10 May Photos from the National Archives, College Park. Dave Kerr His uncle, Joe, was a sailor aboard Suwannee during the war.

Ex-USS Suwannee. ZIP: 30024

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