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New to the site.

Have been reviewing it for a couple of months and glad to be here. I was curious if anyone had seen the report that Rio Blaze was coming to Nashville. One of my all time favorite amateur porn stars. I was curious if anyone has seen that report and if anyone has seen her in the past to know if legit. At 6 bills an hour? Probably not many takers here. I have been knowing her for years.

If you had her contact info then, you should still have it. Kali just don't give it out. Mike tells it like it is. I had a nice time yesterday with a nice young thing. I'm inexperienced here so going to leave out details. Though if you are interested in hearing more pm if you are a senior member.

Inexperience isn't obvious to any of us. Has anyone pulled the trigger on pavens journey?


Do tell. Is she really worth the bucks? These pix she's been posting have be around for years. Come on now????.

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Can she be that Omazimg? She advertises regularly, but haven't ever seen anyone review her. Any correspondence with her, at all? She's got to be nuts, I wouldn't even bother to call. LOL The only way to teach them is to stop seeing them until they get real about the service they provide and the prices they charge.

This young lady is amazing!! And not sure who put up that she was part of a sting but definitely not correct. Great hohr and I will be seeing her again. Thank You! Thank you guy with 1 post.

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I feel much more confident seeing her now. I've seen here a few times, but not sure what's going on with her now. I agree with Hl Not selling me. Couldn't agree more. Still new to finding escorts. Can someone verify this girl for me? Dreamed of destiny a couple times a few months back.

Haven't got to make the trip to see her recently but she's def legit and my go to lady.

And why do you think that is? Do you have a link? I know we all have to start some where.

Tennessee Sluts

Read, and go see one of the providers in the adds. I am talking about the USA escort section. Seems to be a lot of newbie asking and not going. My 2 cents. Has anyone seen the preg Leighanna? It was a rhetorical question Mike.

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She posts all the time but cherry picks her clientele. Are there any places in the boro area where short rates are can be found? Or Twenty mile radius?

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Can't seem to find them. I know what you mean. Providers do cherry pic sometime.

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Guess if I was a woman in the business with a good clientele, she could. It is her body.

37029 37055 37056

Anything north of 3, you have certain expectations. Above 6?

The hell to the NO. And some provides no longer advertise, but go by referrals only. The ultimate in picking cherries. Has anyone talked with or hooked up with her? I can't find anything on her.

Local Sluts near Tennessee

She seems to do most of her posting in Nashville but she posts in Memphis once in a while. Pic search turned up nothing and the Live Escorts link below shows that she has used one other. IS she legit? Any info on menu and its prices. All you got to do is RTFF. Yes she's the real deal. Likes wine etc. Attractive, Good conversation, nice body, She has reviews under a different name on other sites. I saw her for a while back in the day.

She was an 8 those days.

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Those pics are from back in the day. Oh hell yeah.

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I tasted her already. I saw her a while back and wasn't impressed at all. Maybe it was that she wasn't my type but tried to enjoy her. Wouldn't repeat. Is she legit? A Google image search shows that the photos are of Lexi Belle, a porn actress with pics all over the Internet. I seriously doubt she is advertising on BP in Nashville without even mentioning her name as a selling point to jack her price up.

Yeah I couldn't find anything on Google search about that. I came up empty on the phone but the image search nailed it. Turned up some hot hardcore shit, and she would undoubtedly be fun if it was her. Hard to keep the big head in control of these decisions, LOL. LOL yes. I don't know why the hot ones aren't real you would think they would engage in the action and make a killing. If you get a chance see her! For so long I thought dff experiences were all that was out there. ZIP: 37029 37055 37056

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